Answers to 'Test Yourself'

Lesson 11

1. I am a student.
Wo kon-omo.

2. You are not a student.
To ne kon-omo.

3. The cat quickly ran up the tree.
Mao hilosu me gia dave vao.
Mao hilosu me dava vao.

4. The food must be eaten.
Alo talua te ala.

5. I did not give you a plant on Sunday.
Wo ne me dala teno de to hie sen-hio.

6. The person after me was a teacher.
Omo poste wo me vem-omo.

7. The yellow chair is made of wood.
Yang-ami sios te kasa ve vao.

8. The blue container by the door is made of plastic.
Pani-ami dohios nive dolos te kasa ve pulastikos.

9. He walked across the path slowly.
Na-lo sipotu me gia davale hodos.
Na-lo sipotu me davala hodos.

10. She never wants to brag about her skills.
Ni-lo nue desa aolaa li le sanato/ginoo.